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Upcoming Electronic Music Events in the Area

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The Event Horizon series presents a mix of electronic, ambient, experimental and spacemusic.
Free Admission
The Rotunda
4014 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA

Saturday, October 27, 2018, at 8:00 pm.

Laura Woodswalker
The Quantum Eraser Experiment

Laura Woodswalker:
Laura Woodswalker - Laurahas played bluegrass banjo, bass, guitar, mandola and melodica. Her introduction to digital recording was her 'Insect Summer of Love' Nature sounds project featuring the songs of crickets, cicadas, birds and frogs. Her musical influences include psychedelic 60s bands, the Berlin school, Robert Rich, ambient space music, melodic techno, deep trance, prog-rock, Irish, bluegrass, Balkan and Middle Eastern music. For the past 10 years she has been performing at the Electro-Music festival in Huguenot and Homer NY. Her ambient compositions are rhythmic, melodic, sometimes a bit mystical. "The riffs create themselves and I save them as clips, then jam around them. Music is the truest form of prayer and magic."

The Quantum Eraser Experiment:
Dan Hamilton, grew up in a house where his mother and sister played the piano day and night. Without any formal training he began to emulate what he heard. It was due to his lack of musical training that he was forced to learn how to play by ear. In doing so, his ability to pick apart the sounds that he heard grew over time. In the early 2000s he was able to combine his love and knowledge of electronics with his love of sound. With the resurgence of modular synthesizers, he was able to acquire the hardware tools he needed to be able to carve up and manipulate different sounds at will. It was at this point that The Quantum Eraser Experiment was born. Playing under this persona, he eliminated all predefined genre rules and instead plays completely improvisational and reacts to what he is hearing instead of playing something predetermined. This makes every performance unique and completely unexpected to him and the audience. The outcome of playing this way could turn out great or terrible, but it's always interesting. He has played live shows in NYC and is a regular performer on WLFR 91.7 FM Stockton University and WPRB 103.3 FM Princeton.

Ombient is the moniker under which Mike Hunter performs his ambient/drone/experimental music. His ambient/drone/electronic music, being of a live and improvisational nature, is representative of the feeling of the moment in which it is performed and of the subtle feedback between the audience and the performer. Ombient users various vintage and contemporary analog synthesizers, a large Modular, a expansive eurorack modular, and occasionally computers running Ableton Live with various synth plug-ins.

This performance will be extra special, as it will be done in quadraphonic surround sound, immersing the audience in a moving soundfield that connects on an almost physical level.

Mike is also the host of the radio show Music With Space on WPRB 103.3 FM in Princeton, NJ.

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Link to the Gatherings Concert Series web site

Live concerts featuring musicians from the Ambient, Electronic and Spacemusic worlds. Concert at 8:00 pm (doors open at 7:30 pm) St. Mary's Hamilton Village 3916 Locust Walk (just east of 40th & Locust) on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania in West Philadelphia.

Saturday, November 17, 2018.

Performing with custom designed, hand-built synthesizers alongside retro-synths and modern sampling technology, Saul Stokes creates sonic landscapes somewhere between the floating textures of Vintage Spacemusic and the focused rhythms of Modern Ambient.

With several critically acclaimed albums to his credit and represented on a number of prestigious compilations, Saul Stokes is recognized as one of the leading voices in modern Electronic Music. Described as "fresh and inventive," Stokes brings together elements of Space, Ambient, Industrial and Intelligent-Techno to forge a sound all his own. An avid concert performer, a Stokes show will often begin at a point of reference familiar to most and gradually lead the us far out into the sonic universe.

The immediacy of the live setting brings out Stokes' talent for creating floating spacemusic. Appealing to our intelligence instead of insulting it, his best live moments have a delicate beauty that lingers with his audience. Bridging and binding the opposing energies of raw electricity and accomplished art, his music aligns perfectly with the beat and pulse beneath and behind everything. The sensitive ear of the sincere listener will acknowledge the live, vibrant timbres present at every level of a Stokes' concert. He is not arranging for the dance floor, but for the place in the mind where sensory detail becomes thought. The limit of effect is merely the limit of the musician's imagination. Versatile, alluring and inventive, with a fine ear for every novel discharge of the great modulators, Saul Stokes makes music for our time - and for all time.

Chaka Benson plays with an ear for color, motion and texture, forsaking conventional narrative clarity. It is an experience by way of the senses, rather than through pure mental interpretation. Our focus expands beyond sound, to the sources of that sound, to its imminent fragility, and a state of un-being.

It may be difficult to lose one's self in Benson's work, as its negative space is constantly asking us to make sense of it. One moment triggers the next so seamlessly that eventually chaos is re-engineered into the illusion of a natural order. Throughout these realizations, tones flicker lightly across the surface, or burrow deep into it - come into focus, or all but disappear. The gentle descent into incandescent timbres and rambling, fearsome energy has the ability to stir the imagination. Throbbing with texture, then snapping into focus, lessons on loudness, denseness and sonority, enmesh the listener in aural events that are impossible to live aloud.

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