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Thought Radio is the Saturday edition of The AM/FM Show hosted by Bill Fox. You can expect to hear electronic, ambient, spacemusic, Progressive Rock, and an eclectic mix of other genres. The show airs from 6:00 am to 8:00 am EDT/GMT-4 on WMUH Allentown, 91.7 FM and streaming on the internet. Bill also hosts Afterglow every Thursday from 8:00 am to 9:30 am.

Show #291
September 13, 2014.
Playlist on Bill's Blog
In Phase 1, I continued the special on Sequences electronic music
magazine.  In Phase 3, the Artist of the Month is Klaatu.  I played
music from Sir Army Suit.

Phase I/Space:

ARTIST               TRACK                ALBUM (label)
==================== ==================== ==============================
Bouvetoya            The Pillars od Star  Interstellarphonic (SynGate)
VA [The Glimmer      Unknown Substance    Sequences No. 27
Robert Dorschel      Grayest Spectations  Sketchy: Gritty (none)
Shane Morris and     Growing Into New     Evolution (Spotted Peccary)
  Mystified            Territory
Karelian Skies       White Nights         Karelian Skies 2014

Phase II/Eclectic:

ARTIST               TRACK                  ALBUM (label)
==================== ==================== ==============================
Karma Cosmic         Dance of Shiva       Music for Tantra & Meditation
Liquid Mind          Night Light Ocean    Relaxing Rain & Ocean Mixes
                       Mix                  (Real Music)

Phase III/Progressive Rock:

ARTIST               TRACK                ALBUM (label)
==================== ==================== ==============================
Klaatu               A Routine Day        Sir Army Suit (Bullseye)
Klaatu               Juicy Lucy           Sir Army Suit (Bullseye)
Klaatu               Everybody Took a     Sir Army Suit (Bullseye)
Klaatu               Older                Sir Army Suit (Bullseye)
Klaatu               Dear Christine       Sir Army Suit (Bullseye)
Dot Legacy           The Midnight         Dot Legacy (Setalight)
Marbin               Rabak                The Third Set (Moonjune)
Elephants of         Endless (pt. 1)      Execute and Breathe (none)
Alan Morse           Cold Fusion *        Four O'clock and Hysteria

 * = excerpt
++ = Advanced CDR from artist
VA = Various Artists (compilation)

On the next show, I will continue the special on the sampler CDRs that
came with each issue of Sequences electronic music magazine.  The Artist
of the Month is Klaatu.
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