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The Saturday edition of The AM/FM Show has alternating hosts. When I am at the helm, the show is called Thought Radio and you can expect to hear electronic, ambient, spacemusic, Progressive Rock, and an eclectic mix of other genres. The show airs from 6:00 am to 8:00 am EDT/GMT-4 on WMUH Allentown, 91.7 FM and on the internet.

Show #259
October 19, 2013.
In Phase 1, I played music from bands that will be playing at the
Gatherings and the Soundscapes Concert Series.

Phase I/Space:

ARTIST               TRACK                ALBUM (label)
==================== ==================== ==============================
VA [Remy]            The Long Night       Sequences No. 25
Matt Borghi and      Discern Descent      Convocation (slo.bor media)
  Michael Teager
Dave Luxton          Ghost of a Small     Dreams Ghosts and Parallel
                       Child                Universes (Wayfarer)
Vic Hennegan         Star Angels of       Journey To Sirius (Alien
                       Consciousness        Tribes)

Phase II/Eclectic:

ARTIST               TRACK                  ALBUM (label)
==================== ==================== ==============================
Francois Couture     Perception - 01      After the Rain(Disques Boghei)
Francois Couture     Perception - 02      After the Rain(Disques Boghei)
Kevin Keller         Red Headlands        Nocturnes (none)
Jeff Johnson, Brian  Winterfold           Winterfold (Ark)
  Dunning, Wendy Goodwin
Steven Chesne        Lumiere du Soleil    Moments from the Life Stories
                                            of Strangers (Brahmasong)
Vic Hennegan         Arriving             Rhythms in Motion (Alien

Phase III/Progressive Rock:

ARTIST               TRACK                ALBUM (label)
==================== ==================== ==============================
VA [Pinnacle]        Paikalliset Tuulet   Tuonen Tytar II (Musea)
Pinnacle             Lavender             Covers Plus (Fox's Den)
Thank You Scientist  Blood On the Radio   Maps of Non-Existent Places
Paul Lawler          Post Apocalypse      Opus (none)
Unified Past         The Final            SPOTS (Melodic Revolution)
Alan Morse           Cold Fusion *        Four O'clock and Hysteria

 * = excerpt
++ = Advanced CDR from artist
VA = Various Artists (compilation)

On the next show, I will continue the special on the sampler CDRs that
come with each issue of Sequences electronic music magazine.
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