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EMUSIC is an electronic, ambient, and space music show, that airs each Thursday
at 11:00 pm on WDIY 88.1 FM, Allentown and Bethlehem, PA and 93.9 FM in Easton,
PA and Phillipsburg, NJ.

		Show #307		February 6, 2003.

On this show, I began a month-long focus on Orbital Decay, a spacemusic duo in
the Quakertown area who will be at the next Soundscapes Concert Series on
February 22.  The Featured CD at midnight was "Live in Concert."

The Vinyl Starter was from the LP "Underwater Sunlight" by Tangerine Dream on
the Relativity label.


ARTIST                  TRACK                    ALBUM (label)
======================= ======================== ==============================
11:00 pm
Tangerine Dream         Underwater Twilight      Underwater Sunlight
Skin Mechanix           Interlude at the Edge    The Secret Life of Angels
                          of Known Space           (InfectionMusic)
Skin Mechanix           ZeitGeist                The Secret Life of Angels
Skin Mechanix           A Chromium Dark          The Secret Life of Angels
VA [Oliver Briand]      Transparences            Dreamwatchers' Tales (Mirage
VA [Doktor Strange]     To be or not to be       Dreamwatchers' Tales (Mirage
                          Live?                    Creations)
Paul Ellis              Dissolve                 Into the Liquid Unknown
Paul Ellis              Alexandria               Into the Liquid Unknown
Paul Ellis              Drop Becomes Ocean       Into the Liquid Unknown
Under the Dome          Liquid Sky               Bellerophon (Neu Harmony)
Under the Dome          Launch                   Bellerophon (Neu Harmony)

12:00 am
Under the Dome          Drift                    Bellerophon (Neu Harmony)
Orbital Decay           Set #1                   Live in Concert (none)
Orbital Decay           Salt 4C                  Re-Entry (none)

1:00 am

 * = exerpt
VA = Various Artists (compilation)

On the next EMUSIC, I'll continue the month-long focus on Orbital Decay.  The
Featured CD at Midnight will be "The Key of Sea" recorded on Star's End.

The vinyl show starter will be from the LP "Cluster and Eno" by Cluster and Eno
on Sky Records.

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