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Show banner Here is the archive of Soundscapes Concert #13 featuring Modulator ESP. It took place at the Nazareth Center for the Arts on Sunday, Spetember 4, 2011.

Jez played two sets, improvising solo for the first set and inviting the concert series host to join him for the second.

Artist Logo

Modulator Experimental Synthesis Project, a.k.a. Modulator ESP, performs improvised music that explores the boundaries of dark ambient, drone, Berlin School sequencing, and noise using modular synthesis, real-time sampling, sound manipulation, and live looping.

Modulator ESP has been described variously as "vintage synth overload to propel you into the outer reaches of the cosmos" and "one man will descend to (this) earth in a hail of analogue synth tones; called upon from the singular consciousness of John Carpenter and Vangelis - like a 2046 dystopian dream with the optimism of Jean Michael Jarre, and his penguins."

When Modulator ESP discovered that there was more to EM than TD, Jarre, Pickford and Shreeve by finding bands like Arc, RMI, Redshift, Airsculpture, and Arcane, bands that were doing a more retro-styled improvisational take on EM, it came as a revelation to him. One of the reasons he'd left the band he was in was because he wanted to do something a bit more freeform. He knew he still wanted to play live but without playing along to pre-programmed, structured backing tracks.

Things started to snowball when he discovered certain synthesizers, both hardware and software, step sequencing, and delay processors.

Modulator ESP loves playing synths because he loves the electronic, synthetic, other worldly nature of the sounds. This makes Ambient, Berlin School EM the best style for his interests. He plans to stretch the boundaries by incorporating some of his progressive influences.

Modulator ESP at SCS #13.

Photos are on the Soundscapes Facebook Fan Page.

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