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Afterglow Playlist

Afterglow is where I present an eclectic mix of genres with an emphasis
on Progressive Rock.

If you or your band have a version of the Genesis song, Afterglow, send
it to me and I will consider using it to start the program.  If I use
it, the band gets a link on the Afterglow web site!

I also host Thought Radio every Saturday morning and will be there on
Saturday, July 19.

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Show #554 July 17, 2014.
Playlist on Bill's Blog
The show started early to fill in for "A Cup of Blue Coffee" while Steve
builds a home for charity.

The Artist of the Month is Spock's Beard.  I played music from Snow.  I
also played music by Necromonkey who will play at NJ Proghouse on August


7:04 am (Phase 0: Whatever!)

ARTIST               TRACK                 ALBUM (label)
==================== ===================== =============================
Spock's Beard        Made Alive/Overture   Snow (InsideOut)
Spock's Beard        Stranger In A         Snow (InsideOut)
                       Strange Land
Spock's Beard        Long Time Suffering   Snow (InsideOut)
Spock's Beard        Welcome To NYC        Snow (InsideOut)
Spock's Beard        Love Beyond Words     Snow (InsideOut)
Spock's Beard        The 39th Street       Snow (InsideOut)
                       Blues (I'm Sick)
Spock's Beard        Devil's Got My        Snow (InsideOut)
Emerson, Lake and    Karn Evil 9           Brain Salad surgery (Rhino)
      1st Impression Parts 1 & 2 - 2nd Impression

8:00 am (Phase I: Eclectic Mix)

ARTIST               TRACK                 ALBUM (label)
==================== ===================== =============================
ShadowPlay 1996      Afterglow             none (none)
Peter Kater          Healing               Illumination(Mysterium Music)
John Luttrell        Ethereal Raga         The Dream Exchange
                                             (Atmospheric Music)

8:30 am (Phase II: Progressive Rock)

ARTIST               TRACK                 ALBUM (label)
==================== ===================== =============================
Necromonkey          The Worst Is Behind   A Glimpse of Possible Endings
                       Us                    (Roth Handle)
Dot Legacy           Pyramid               Dot Legacy (Setalight)
Druckfarben          An Answer Dreaming    Second Sound (none)
Toy Matinee          Things She Said       Toy Matinee (Reprise)

9:00 am (More Phase II: Progressive Rock)

ARTIST               TRACK                 ALBUM (label)
==================== ===================== =============================
Spock's Beard        Freak Boy             Snow (InsideOut)
Spock's Beard        All Is Vanity         Snow (InsideOut)
Spock's Beard        I'm Dying             Snow (InsideOut)
Spock's Beard        Freak Boy Part 2      Snow (InsideOut)
Spock's Beard        Devil's Got My Throat Snow (InsideOut)
Spock's Beard        Snow's Night Out      Snow (InsideOut)
Spock's Beard        Ladies And Gentlemen, Snow (InsideOut)
                       Mister Ryo Okumoto on the Keyboards
Spock's Beard        I Will Go             Snow (InsideOut)
Spock's Beard        Made Alive / Wind at  Snow (InsideOut)
                        My Back

9:30 am
 + = By Request
 * = excerpt
VA = Various Artists (compilation)

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