Progressive Rock Cover Band
1992 - 1999

This is the internet home of ShadowPlay, a Progressive Rock cover band that went through several incarnations from 1992 to 1999 when it ultimately met its demise.   If you have anything to contribute to this web site, please contact me at:
ShadowPlay Official Photo Using vintage and state-of-the-art instruments, ShadowPlay recreated progressive rock music of the 1970s, '80s, and '90s, putting their stamp on the more challenging songs from bands like Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, The Beatles, ELP, Steely Dan, and Genesis.   The seven members came from all over the Lehigh Valley and from diverse backgrounds; engineering, music composition, music education, musical theatre, television, and radio.   ShadowPlay performed at Bethlehem's Musikfest in 1997 and held a crowd of several thousand people for three hours, steeling some people away from the Tom Jones concert in near by Kunzplatz, one of Musikfest's other stages.   The band returned to Musikfest's Americaplatz stage in 1998 and wowed the audience with a repertoire no other band in the Lehigh Valley dared to attempt.   ShadowPlay also performed at The Sterling Hotel, The Shanty Restaurant, Main Street Theatre, several other clubs in the area, as well as private parties and picnics.

ShadowPlay started in the basement of Bob Ashmore (keyboards) with Andy Jasso on drums.   In 1992, Bill Fox (bass and vocals) was new to the Valley and Bob, who discovered Bill at work, invited him to join the band.   Circa 1994, Bill invited yet another workmate, Greg Van Allen (guitars and vocals) to join.   In October, 1995, the band folded when Andy quit the band.   Meanwhile, Bill had already joined Greg and his friend Randy Brensinger in the Critters.   During this time, Bob also joined the Critters.   Late in 1996, Bill reformed ShadowPlay with Bob and Greg, adding Rod Gilkeson and Colleen O'Brien Jones (vocals), Chuck Krasnov (drums), and Jack Riddle (guitars).   This is the line-up seen in the photo.   This version of ShadowPlay had a great three year run before calling it quits in November, 1999.

And now, Bob, Greg, Rod, and Bill have started PULSE, a Classic Rock cover band (having Progressive Rock tendancies, of course!) with Billy Fenstermacher (Strange Brew, the Critters) on drums.   The repertoire is much more kick ass, up tempo than was heard from either ShadowPlay or the Critters.

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The ShadowPlay logo is courtesy of Jonesy.   Photo by Hub Willson.
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